Zetia Enterprise Sdn Bhd with over 30 years of experience in ERP system.

With over 30 years in the following fields, Mr. Gary Yeoh pioneered most of the softwares that are currently represented by the Company.

Our Strong background in accounting, tax and auditing enables effective computerisation of financial accounting records.

With numerous project exposure utilising embedded electronics, challenging projects requiring PC interfacing helps spur new work techniques you dare not try before.

Strong background in hardware and software maintenance ensure downtime are quickly pinpointed and rectified.

The vast repertoire of software currently being marketed is testaments of our programming experience.

Providing cloud hosting services poses a great challenge in particular speed and responsiveness. A great deal of combined knowledge is required in web programming techniques, security, database performance tuning, remote backup storage and hardware optimisation. We have gone through all these and are currently hosting over 20 types of web applications.

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MSC Apicta Award is a testament of the best of breed

Every year, the best IT product of a certain category are picked from a select group of software architects, developers and IOT engineers. We are glad that our workshop ERP system made that mark.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a software leader in affordable ERP solutions for Asian SME.

Our mission

Our mission is to have the best of breed software that gain wide acceptance in any foreign market we penetrated. To achieve that, we must have the eyes and ears of the customer taste and to meet their requirement with full commitment and dedication. We aim to provide outstanding support services to improve upon our customer value proposition.


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