Product Brief

Snooker POS

Snooker Table Light Control System with built in Point of Sales, Member Discounts, Top Up, Points Redemption and cashless purchases

Stock movement, Stock Top Up, Walk In and Table Billing, Multi Game Billing, User definable Special VIP Table Rates, Normal and Holiday Rates, Shift Change, Stock Sheet Count per shift, Shift Collection Summary, Sales and Collection History.

Industrial Grade Controller Board with Lightning Protection on both PC Input and Output.

User servicable Controller and Relay Board.

Idiot-proof and Cheat-proof design for ease of use and prevention of money fraud.

ERP System for Property Developers

Progress Billing, Reminder Letters, and Calculation of Interest has always been a major concern as these are usually accomplished with the help of Spreadsheets. While it is known to save on software cost, mistakes and ownership of the data is a risk property developers has to bear.

Full integration to back end accounting enables project billings to be integrated to both Accounts Receivable and General Ledger thereby eliminating the stress accounting personnel has to chase for an unending change and cancellation of project billings

Our accounts locking features gives admin user the option to prevent cancellation of official receipts issued and cancellation of booking without the knowledge of managers.

Our Accounts Payable

is designed for Malaysians to

assist HDA withdrawals

as it remembers

which portion of contract amount that can be claimed back from end financier
The aging report have the option to exclude display of the contractor retention sum to avoid early payment.


Reasons why Property Developers need ERP software:

It comes with a complete set of user definable claim letters I never know I need it. The bonus is I get a free Internal Memo tracking system that helps prevent work denials. You know things like "Nobody told me"

Property Developer Klang Area

User friendly snooker software even Myanmar workers can master in an hour:

The most user friendly snooker software I have ever come across. That relief my supervisory for other important matters like public relation, stock reconciliation and cash accountability

Largest snooker operator, 43 tables

Condominium Billing System

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Web and Mobile Applications

Over 10 types of Web Applications for Multilevel Marketing Companies, Workshop Web ERP, Retail Invoicing and Inventory Web ERP, Mobile Shopping Apps with integration with backend sales and merchant monitoring.

Example of PC Interfacing Projects

Here are some of the things we did for electronic projects:

Humidity and Temperature Control using using Arduino for industrial and agriculture industry. The same controller we use on snooker system was also used for controlling lights to badminton courts. A court booking system that helps keep track of players court usage time. iButton technology was used alongside with our software to keep track of production in a shop floor environment. Keeps production cost and status of product together with wastages.

Our Product DNA

  • User friendly
  • Comprehensive
  • Integratability
  • Flexibility
  • Practicality in
    • Data Update
    • Screen Enquiry
    • Audit Trails
    • Reports
  • Scalability
  • Upgradability
  • Data Stability

Standard Feature

  1. User Access Security
  2. Audit Trails
  3. Access logging
  4. Reports with Date and Time
  5. Reversibility
  6. Real time and Batch Update
  7. Keyword Search
  8. Table Grid View

Purchase Plan

Ownership Model
Pay outright and own the entire software. Additional User licence applies for additional new computers
Subscription Model
Pay a monthly subscription to use on a monthly basis.
Special discount for longer term subscription. Redeem paid subscription when you decide to buy.
Annual Maintenance
Pay to enjoy worry free support, free product upgrade and licence migration.