What is the best way to consolidate all your branch accounts?

1. Get branch to send back data via pendrive
2. Return back data by email
3. Use FTP to send data
4. Send accounts clerk over everyday
5. Send store clerk over everyday

Getting your branch to update daily sales through the Internet is the quickest, simplest, cheapest and most convenient means of remote branch data management. By just updating every stock item shipped to your branches, you get daily stock balance of each and every branch. You would know all their daily gross profit, sales collection and re-orders required.
Traditional ways allow you to get the same result but at what cost? If you avoid the risk of computerising, you run the risk of stock losses and cash misappropriation, If you decide not to take both risk, then let us take the risk. Pay us a low monthly subscription fee to immediately see the immense benefit of web applications.
Being bilingual in design, expatriates doing business in Malaysia will find it convenient to view their branches financial information in their native language such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnam, Jawi and Tamil.
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Everybody thinks someone is going to do it! Eventually nobody does it.

That is right! You see this everyday in an automotive workshop. The storekeeper only cares about his stock accuracy, the mechanic only interested in the repair, the administrative clerk only interested in reception services and the boss only wants to know his profit for the day.

It is time to have a workshop software to get them together...if it is still not too late.
provide touch points for mechanics to securely acknowledge their work done.
keeps history of past repairs.
automatically deduct stock during work in progress or upon completion of job.
generate job sheets, invoices, cash bills and delivery orders.
keeps accident claims related information.
handles warranty claim.
also tracks sub contracted jobs.
handles repair appointments and reminders via SMS, email and IVR.
remembers the number of times a tyre is being retreaded.
handles different types of stock receipts - warranty claims, retread claims, trade-ins, loan stock and retread consignments.
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Every disease of an animal is associated with a mineral deficiency.

Running an animal farm requires complex information relating to feeding and the proper use of feeds. An inadequate or imbalance diet will eliminate the entire livestock. Therefore, for economic reason, breeders have to treat the animals well. Even we human beings are not treated that well.

label your animals electronically.
install feeding points for feeding workers to acknowledge their work schedule.
feed your animals according to preset food formula.
capture your feeds and record your spending.
fully automate and complement existing feed dispensing and bathing equipment.
the most economical automation technology ever built for farmers and livestock breeders.
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My Accountant Just Fired Me!

It doesn't matter your accountant sacked you or otherwise. The accounting records must continue to be updated. If you have the will, we have the way for you. Let us guide you to the successful keeping of accounting records all by yourself using our online accounting system.
Proven Do-It-Yourself concept.
Start immediately with our free one month trial.
Learn from the person who have over 20 years bookkeeping experience training bosses, administrative/accounts clerks, and boss's personal assistance to computerise their accounting records.
Gain total control of your accounts - anytime, anywhere.
Enjoy the economy of scale by bidding for an enhancement you need.
Fuss free enrolment. Just request for the free online accounting service. No strings attached.

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